Clearpoint Recycling Ltd: The Plastic Specialists........

We work closely with several UK processors and help to feed and run a large plastic sorting facility (PRF) in Sheffield. This facility operates as a Charity and by assisting this charitable body, Clearpoint are proud to be helping the underprivaleged in providing a better working environment for people with learning difficulties and those that do not have the advantages that many of us take for granted.


With over 20 years combined experience in the recycling industry, and over 10 years specialist experience in the processing and brokering of plastics, Clearpoint can be considered a front runner and a trusted partner when supplying either to UK or overseas markets......



PET bottles are sorted from a mixed plastics waste stream (kerbside and bottle bank sources). This material is hand sorted to a high standard and sold as a 90.10 (clear to colour) mix. This process can be seen in Sheffield and is currently being expanded to accommodate over 10,000 tonnes per annum

HDPE Milk Bottles are hand sorted from a mixed plastic waste stream (as above) to a very high level of quality. We can guarantee 99% purity, no white bottles, just natural HDPE bottle grade plastic. Again this material can be viewed in Sheffield, along with the sorting process in order to gain confidence from prospective buyers.


With over 12 years industry experience and a wealth of knowledge in both the processing and exportation of many different grades of plastics, ClearPoint Recycling Ltd can offer a professional and reliable service to its customer base.


 We are looking for a network of 'good' suppliers to link to our growing network of equally 'good' outlets both overseas and in the domestic market.


Brokerage Services On All Plastic Grades Including:


  • PET Bottles
  • HDPE Bottles
  • PVC Packaging
  • LDPE Film (Baled and on Rolls)
  • HDPE Rigids (Wheelie Bins and Pallets etc)
  • HDPE Drums for export (heavy labels)
  • PP Woven Sacks
  • PP Strapping
  • PP Buckets (dirty and clean)
  • Cardboard (OCC)
  • Mixed Rigids
  • Low Grade Film (Shopping bags and construction film)
  • Agri Film (all grades considered)
  • Acrylics (small quantities ok)
  • EPS Briquettes
  • Polycarbonate (small quantities ok)
  • Regrind (PP / HDPE / ABS etc)
  • WEEE Plastics
  • Automotive Plastics


We feel that attitude is key to maintaining good working relationships with our clients and we believe in being fair and honest and completely transparent with our dealings. We are more than happy to show full audit trails on all material transactions, both domestic and export.


ClearPoint Recycling Ltd have all the necessary AQSIQ and CCIC registrations in order to ship material overseas and we are registered with the Environment Agency as an 'upper tier' broker in plastics and paper grades.


What Clearpoint Recycling Stands For..........

  • A polite and friendly service
  • Great communication
  • Consistent service - all year round - not just when the market is good!
  • Fast Payment
  • Good Prices (high volume small margin)
  • The corrent advice on grading material
  • Accurate pricing to avoid dreaded 'downgrades'....!
  • Good availability - communication is key!

Plastic Grades We Are Looking To Buy...........




98.2 LDPE / 95.5 LDPE /90.10 LDPE Grades for export and UK markets. We are strong buyers of these grades, quality is key. We can move 'dusty' material from skip hire / transfer station sources too but always ask to inspect these grades before we offer any rates.




PP Woven Big Bags or Sacks are a grade we buy and have very strong overseas (and UK but need to be very clean) markets looking to take this grade all year round.


Jazz LDPE / 70.30 / 80.20 Grades. Clearpoint can offer very strong rates of clean material and can also look at lower grades, again from less clean sources such as skip hire and transfer station yards. We also look at construction film and mixed MRF film which can be tricky to place but not impossible. Why not fill out an enquiry form or just send some images over to us.

Direct Export

Clearpoint Recycling Ltd are well aware of the high level of competition in the plastics market. The export market has changed considerably in the last 5 years alone, margins have tightened and quality control has lifted to the level that some grades no longer even exist.


Where we have the edge is experience and knowledge, too many companies have diversified and moved into the plastics 'world' through the pull of making large amounts of money, and seem to have overlooked the essential qualifications required to succeed and offer the level of service required to move potentially thousands of tonnes of material across the globe every month. 


These 'qualifications' cannot be gained by going to university or attending a night school, they are gained through years of learning the grades, learning the export market and its requirements (and limitations!) and having a large supplier and buyer base, in a nutshell the pull of making money cannot be replaced by years of experience gained through working for some of the key figures in the plastics industry, both on the processing and export sides.

Environmentally Responsible

Cleapoint Recycling Ltd offer suppliers:


  • A friendly and reliable service
  • Strong outlets for all grades of material
  • Accurate advice and information on grading 
  • Up to date information on the market
  • Prompt collections / fast stock turnaround
  • Good Prices & Fast Payment
  • Full Audit Trails on all material
  • Secure Destruction on rigid plastics (if required)
  • Split load collections
  • Long Term security
  • EA accreditations and all licenses required for export

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